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Iggy pop

Iggy Pop

"This photo was taken in Milton Keynes 2015, Iggy was supporting the Foo Fighters on the Sonic Highways Tour. Just an amazing artist. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to photograph Iggy even just for one day"

Taylor Hawkins

"This photo was Taken in Edmonton in 2015. The thing I love most about this image is Taylor"s hair.. It was always tough to get a great shot with his long hair.Usually ended up in his face. But this one was great. So dramatic..even cinematic."

Dave Grohl

"One of great things that came from Dave breaking his leg was this amazing acoustic set in the middle of the show that included Skin & Bones. For me along with loving that song.. it was such a nice change of pace for the show and it highlighted how talented Dave is...even with one foot in a boot. I love these images."

DSC00674 SM.jpg

Robert Smith

"This was an absolute Dream!! Taken in Europe 2019 I was working for the Smashing pumpkins at the time and we were on the summer festival circuit and luckily enough we opened for the Cure. The thing I love about this photo is the timelessness of it. It's just Robert Smith of  The Cure. Dark and mysterious.

Billy Corgan

"Taken in 2019....I Simply caught Billy Corgan Laughing on stage. That was the great thing about this photo for me. Not an easy task but James had a gift for making Billy laugh..and I just had to wait it out. I also really love the back ground here. The coloring is amazing and it had this futuristic quality to it.

Pat Smear

"The first day on the job with The Foo Fighters Pat to a second and introduced himself to me.. Such a cool guy. I mean if this photo doesn't scream cool guy I'm don't know. I took this in Toronto 2015. Pat enjoyed the introduction part of the show because he could take a minute and smoke. You can see his enjoyment in the photo. Really a quintessential photo of Mr. Smear I think. Captures him perfectly.

Taylor Hawkins

"I only had the rare conversation with Taylor.. But I was around him quite a lot and you could really see how great of a person he was and how people responded to him... Especially Dave.This is Taylor waiting on Dave to introduce him. Take in Camden New Jersey 2015. This photo is just a lovely photo of Taylor relaxing on his kit.

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