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 Jesse has worked in the Music industry for over 20 years doing one job oR another. From working as a disc Jockey oR at the local record shop to currently working for artists like Roger Waters,Foo Fighters,Muse ,U2 and Arcade Fire to name a few. He's spends most of his days traveling, looking for cool record shops and taking photographs. His biggest photographic influence would easily be Anton Corbijn who specializes in dark moody photography."Anton showed me that you could create beautiful photography and it didn't have to be colorful oR even in focus. You could take dark images and use negative space to create an enormous amount of power and drama". Like all good photographers Jesse sets out to catch a moment but also to create a portrait of an artist. "This is the real trick.. Creating an uncluttered portrait of an artist in their own environment. Not in a studio but on the stage. My goal is simple... Create something I love and that I would put on my own wall".